Adding a chest of drawers is the ideal way to magnify your home décor. It is highly versatile, from adding more storage space in your home to complementing your home’s interior design. It is an important piece, and you should ensure you choose the right one. If you’re looking to buy a new chest of drawers, here is what to consider;

Number of drawers

This solely depends on your needs. Know how many drawers you need and buy accordingly. Besides, you should consider the space that it will take up. If you have a big floor plan, it would be best to buy a broad low-lying unit, split into two halves that feature six drawers.

There are multiple chests of drawers designs, and the six and four drawers are the most popular ones. Nonetheless, you could get an odd-numbered drawer since they give your home a modern and stylish look.

Where to place it

The next thing is to consider where you’ll place it; will you put it in your living room or bedroom? This will help you determine the size of the drawer. You don’t want to buy a huge unit that can’t fully open due to lack of space.

If you are buying it for your bedroom, there should be around 2 feet between the set of drawers and the bed.


There are numerous materials to pick from and a handful of considerations beyond personal preferences. For instance, if you want a chest of drawers made of wood, there are two options to choose from; solid and laminate wood. Solid wood is more expensive and more durable than laminate wood.

In a small space, mirrored drawers might be suitable since they reflect everything and don’t take up much space; however, don’t place the kids’ room since they will constantly touch it, leaving you to wipe the finger marks away. In this case, a glossy chest of drawers will be ideal, delivering a clean surface that will look magnificent even when it’s not impeccable.


There is a lot to consider when shopping for a new set of drawers; thus, it is recommended to go through all the buying factors. These décor pieces can make your home look more classy and sophisticated and provide plenty of storage space for you.

Consider the appearance, feel, size, and design of the room you’ll place the chest of drawers in before making a purchase. Additionally, consider the types of items you want to put in it as well as the money you’re willing to spend. Above all, choose a chest of drawers that complements your space’s interior design.