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Easy Furniture Organizing Tips for Creating a Great Flow in Your Living Room

Designer Tips For A Stunning Living Room Arrangement… We’ve all spent countless hours on end, looking through magazines, searching the web, and flipping through magazines to try and come up with new living room design ideas. Because we all have rooms that we feel are underdeveloped and need some refreshing, we spend lots of money trying out different things. Sometimes those experiments pay off and sometimes they backfire. But for whatever reason you chose to put your house up for sale, there’s no reason why you can’t make your home an oasis of color and beauty with some simple living room planning and furniture placement.

Before you begin, though, it’s important to know exactly what kind of a layout works best for your space. In particular, your walls need to match your floor plan and any furniture or accent pieces you plan on using should go along with the walls. One of the best things about living room layouts is that you can pretty much keep them as is. There aren’t any rules to follow because it’s not your living room, your home, or your castle; your living room is simply a living space and your furniture should be designed to maximize your living space.

One of the easiest arrangements to implement for small living rooms is a grouping of couches, chairs, and love seats in a long line. This grouping creates a focal point that dominates the space, while also giving you more seating areas in a relatively small area. Keep the arrangement simple, by leaving plenty of open spaces between the seats and walls. You can add touches of color or unique architectural elements that set the seating apart from other rooms in the house by throwing in a beautiful crystal television or another unique piece of art.

Another one of the most popular living room arrangements for smaller spaces is a series of sofas, with an end table between them for added functionality. The most common way to arrange living room furniture for this purpose is to have the sofa act as the anchor for the series of matching sofas, which usually includes two end tables between them. This makes a much larger space, but it also leaves some open spaces between the sofa rows, allowing you to fit in more pieces of furniture, such as a recliner or wingback chair, without making the arrangement too cluttered. You can easily change up the arrangement of your sofas and tables by adding a couch with an interesting pattern or decorative touches to one corner of the sofa row to create an interesting pattern or texture, while keeping the other sofa in the same basic color and design.

Another option for a small living room grouping is to group a section of seating toward the front of the sofa, creating a grouping of chairs facing either side of the door, with a section of seating either side of the door, again with an end table between them. Again, arrange the seating so that each seat is facing either toward the door or a specific table, and then, if you wish, place a sofa in between the seats. This arrangement creates more open space between the seats and allows you to move freely within the grouping of seating.

These are just some simple ideas that you can try in order to help you create a more interesting living room layout that makes better use of its traffic flow. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various elements of furniture arrangement. After all, that’s what makes a living room interesting, right? Keep in mind that your goal is to create a flow through your living space that allows you to move comfortably between each of the different elements of your home’s living room. And by keeping some of the furniture around, even when you’re not using it, you will create a more attractive flow in your living space.

What to Consider When Choosing a Wardrobe

A wardrobe gives you storage space and adds to the decoration of your rooms, considering wardrobes are must-have furniture, and they come with different designs and styles; for example, there are the free-standing ones that are flexible and can be moved around with ease. Those that are fixed are accustomed to your preference and can be made to fit any space, be it an awkward angle or uneven space that you don’t know what to do with. A Wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom since it plays an aesthetic role and a functional one. The style of the wardrobe material it is made of and where you place it affects the appearance of your room. So here are some tips on choosing the right wardrobe for you.

Kind of wardrobe

There two types, fitted and free-standing wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes are custom-made and therefore maximize space. They can be used to fit any place you want, be it awkward alcoves that you don’t like or sloped ceiling. They are also easy to incorporate into your style since they are custom-made. On the other hand, free-standing wardrobes are portable, which means they can be moved from one room to the next if you want to change the overall room of the house. There a good brands of free-standing wardrobes; a good example is Tylko be sure to check them out:

The size of your wardrobe

The size of your room will determine the size of your wardrobe; you will need to measure your floor space and the height of your ceiling. While measuring, you will need to consider three things width, depth, and height. Do this and consider ten centimetres to the side and another ten centimetres above, allowing a good space for assembling and hedges.

Style and theme

When it comes to style, you know what you like, and therefore that is your style. There are many styles that one can use, you might love a traditional one then, I would suggest a versatile classic, or you might like a minimalistic style. The trick is to match the wardrobe style with your already theme of interior bedroom furniture and walls. You will be looking for blending wardrobe colour with the already existing palette; colours must complement each other for a good visual.


Clothes have different sizes. For blouses and trousers a height of forty-five inches would be sufficient or if is for kids cloths approximately thirty inches height would be enough. When it comes to shelves, deeper shelves are advisable since they provide more storage but not more than fifteen inches. Also, consider having multiple drawers to help you organize different types of clothing.

Tips For Creating A Friendly Living Room Design Style

Well-designed, friendly living rooms invite guests and families to enjoy each other’s company in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. However, when it comes to a household-friendly living room, children invariably scatter crumbs, toys all over the living room. It is important that you learn some creative and cost-efficient ways of keeping your kids from scattering harmful materials all over the place. One of the best ways of doing this is by choosing wisely the kind of furniture that you will be using in your living room. It is important that you find out which kind of furniture will be suitable for your living room and then decorate it properly to fit the space available.

If you want to achieve a comfortable and durable living space, then you should go for fabrics such as cotton or silk. Cotton fabrics are comfortable, look good and are quite durable too. They can withstand harsh and moist conditions as well as providing a cosy and warm feel to your family-friendly office space. These fabrics are also quite easy to maintain and care for. You just have to clean them once in a while with a mild detergent or soap to ensure that they maintain their beautiful look.

When you are looking for a sofa or a love seat that would go with a cotton sofa or a velvet couch, then one of the best options that you can choose is a coffee table with storage. A coffee table with storage can help you utilize that vacant corner of the living room and javelin it to some use that could help you organize your household items. Some living rooms may not have much space and this would leave them with a coffee table that is just a storage unit for the television, DVD player and books. Such designs are available in a wide variety of colors so you can match the color of the sofa to the color of the living room interior to achieve a co-ordinated look.

A good sofa can make your home feel cozy but if your living room is nothing more than a plain wooden box with white walls, then you will never be able to use your sofa to its full potential. It could just be wasted space that could do you no good. One way around this problem is to get a sofa with a storage facility. There are several types of sofa sets with shelves and drawers where you can store your DVDs, your books and even your clothes. These sofa sets with storage facilities come in different sizes and shapes, so you should be able to find one that fits your sofa perfectly.

Beni Ourain Rugs is another great option that you should consider when you want to enhance the looks of your living room without spending too much. You can find these rugs online at very reasonable prices and you will surely have many options to choose from when you go online. Beni Ourain rugs are made from wool that is extremely durable and very soft. The wool used in these rugs is very high in quality and it can last for many years without showing any signs of wear and tear. This makes these rugs great for use in living rooms where there is no need for them to be replaced too often.

When you are looking for a living room design style that can enhance the beauty of your home without costing a lot of money, then consider using fabrics and upholstery materials that are durable and long lasting. One example of such fabrics is linen. Linen is a type of fabric that is very durable and will help you save money in the long run because it won’t fade or shrink unlike some other fabrics. Another option for fabrics that are durable is teak wood furniture because it is resistant to water and it looks very elegant and charming.

Decorating Bedroom Shelves in an Instant

Does your bedroom feel so small? Bedroom shelves could be just what you’re missing!

One of the best things you can do to maximize your space is to install shelves in your bedroom. Let these shelves serve as a working desk, a nightstand, or a simple nest for nice decors. Besides that, it allows you to store away clothes, Shoes, extra bedding, books and more, while ensuring that you still have space for others.

Whether you’ve bought a brand-new home or just want a change of pace, there are plenty of ways to decorate without making your shelves look cluttered or out of place. Once you have an idea of how you want the shelves to look and what you’ll be using, you can let your creativity flow here are two ways to make it happen!

1. Install a floating nightstand

A bedroom is not really complete without a nightstand ,a place to put that favorite book you like reading before bed, not even your lamp? Traditional nightstands are not ideal when you are in need of utilizing your available space. Floating nightstands are perfect for every room , they usually open the space underneath to visually enlarge the space.

Usually painting it with white makes it feel open, clean, spacious, quiet and generally simple to work with. You can create your shelves such that they appear staggered, blocked Shelves or even vertical shelves

2. Use crates or woven baskets

Recycled old wooden crates or woven baskets can become interesting storage containers in your bedroom. They can be used to store your old bedding, extra pillows .They can be fitted together to create a mini library in your bedroom and a place for some nice decor.

This can be used to provide a stronger touch of your personal style With artwork because you can decide on the design of your woven basket and bring about your taste in threadwork and artistry on the use of old crates.

For more information please check out Tylko’s article on how to style your bedroom shelves:

So what are you waiting for? Decide which shelving is the most appropriate for every nook and cranny of your bedroom. Put it into reality and start enjoying your place!

Here’s How to Choose the Right Chests of Drawers

Adding a chest of drawers is the ideal way to magnify your home décor. It is highly versatile, from adding more storage space in your home to complementing your home’s interior design. It is an important piece, and you should ensure you choose the right one. If you’re looking to buy a new chest of drawers, here is what to consider;

Number of drawers

This solely depends on your needs. Know how many drawers you need and buy accordingly. Besides, you should consider the space that it will take up. If you have a big floor plan, it would be best to buy a broad low-lying unit, split into two halves that feature six drawers.

There are multiple chests of drawers designs, and the six and four drawers are the most popular ones. Nonetheless, you could get an odd-numbered drawer since they give your home a modern and stylish look.

Where to place it

The next thing is to consider where you’ll place it; will you put it in your living room or bedroom? This will help you determine the size of the drawer. You don’t want to buy a huge unit that can’t fully open due to lack of space.

If you are buying it for your bedroom, there should be around 2 feet between the set of drawers and the bed.


There are numerous materials to pick from and a handful of considerations beyond personal preferences. For instance, if you want a chest of drawers made of wood, there are two options to choose from; solid and laminate wood. Solid wood is more expensive and more durable than laminate wood.

In a small space, mirrored drawers might be suitable since they reflect everything and don’t take up much space; however, don’t place the kids’ room since they will constantly touch it, leaving you to wipe the finger marks away. In this case, a glossy chest of drawers will be ideal, delivering a clean surface that will look magnificent even when it’s not impeccable.


There is a lot to consider when shopping for a new set of drawers; thus, it is recommended to go through all the buying factors. These décor pieces can make your home look more classy and sophisticated and provide plenty of storage space for you.

Consider the appearance, feel, size, and design of the room you’ll place the chest of drawers in before making a purchase. Additionally, consider the types of items you want to put in it as well as the money you’re willing to spend. Above all, choose a chest of drawers that complements your space’s interior design.