Does your bedroom feel so small? Bedroom shelves could be just what you’re missing!

One of the best things you can do to maximize your space is to install shelves in your bedroom. Let these shelves serve as a working desk, a nightstand, or a simple nest for nice decors. Besides that, it allows you to store away clothes, Shoes, extra bedding, books and more, while ensuring that you still have space for others.

Whether you’ve bought a brand-new home or just want a change of pace, there are plenty of ways to decorate without making your shelves look cluttered or out of place. Once you have an idea of how you want the shelves to look and what you’ll be using, you can let your creativity flow here are two ways to make it happen!

1. Install a floating nightstand

A bedroom is not really complete without a nightstand ,a place to put that favorite book you like reading before bed, not even your lamp? Traditional nightstands are not ideal when you are in need of utilizing your available space. Floating nightstands are perfect for every room , they usually open the space underneath to visually enlarge the space.

Usually painting it with white makes it feel open, clean, spacious, quiet and generally simple to work with. You can create your shelves such that they appear staggered, blocked Shelves or even vertical shelves

2. Use crates or woven baskets

Recycled old wooden crates or woven baskets can become interesting storage containers in your bedroom. They can be used to store your old bedding, extra pillows .They can be fitted together to create a mini library in your bedroom and a place for some nice decor.

This can be used to provide a stronger touch of your personal style With artwork because you can decide on the design of your woven basket and bring about your taste in threadwork and artistry on the use of old crates.

For more information please check out Tylko’s article on how to style your bedroom shelves:

So what are you waiting for? Decide which shelving is the most appropriate for every nook and cranny of your bedroom. Put it into reality and start enjoying your place!